Hopewell City Public Schools provides a nutritious breakfast and lunch for our students each day.  Please download this month's menu.  To open the file you will need a pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat.  Click here to download  Adobe Reader.


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pdf File APRIL_LUNCH_MENU_2015_ELEMENTARY__1809_001.pdf
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121.57 Kb 03/25/15
pdf File APRIL_LUNCH_MENU_2015_HIGH_SCHOOL__1811_001.pdf
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122.19 Kb 03/25/15
pdf File APRIL_LUNCH_MENU_2015_MIDDLE___1810_001.pdf
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122.68 Kb 03/25/15
pdf File APRIL_MENU_WLC_2015_Lunch@Brkfst__1812_001.pdf
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97.14 Kb 03/25/15
pdf File MARCH_MENU_2015_Elementary__1674_001.pdf
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131.08 Kb 02/25/15
pdf File MARCH_MENU_2015_High_School__1672_001.pdf
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130.39 Kb 02/25/15
pdf File MARCH_MENU_2015_Middle__1673_001.pdf
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128.72 Kb 02/25/15
pdf File MARCH_MENU_WLC_2015_Brkfst_Lunch__1664_001.pdf
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116.76 Kb 02/25/15