Special Programs

3M, 4M AND 5M Math Tutors - Adult tutors who assist students in Grades 3 - 5 with Math skills.

Math & Science Center - Students visit the Math and Science Center to experience a hands-on science or math activity and the Math & Science Center brings lessons to our school. 

Title I Reading- It includes Literacy Groups and Reading Recovery tutoring.

Phonemic Awareness- A program that emphasizes phonetic skills for Kindergartners.

Book Buddies- Volunteers come to school weekly to read with students afterschool in Grade 1.

Central Pull Out Program- This program serves accelerated students in Grades 3-5 from all elementary schools. There is an emphasis on critical, creative, and higher level thinking skills in all subject areas for these students. The students are serviced at Dupont Elementary.

Accelerated Reader- Students read books within their ZPD (zone of proximal development). After reading a book, the student takes a computerized comprehension test on the book. Points are awarded for accuracy and are accumulated for prizes and reading grades.

Waterford- A computer program used with all kindergartners to develop their phonetic skills. The program includes software, books, and video tapes. It also supports the reading growth of 1st and 2nd graders.

Just Say No' Club- A group of students who learn about the effects of drugs and alcohol abuse.

Big Brothers & Big Sisters - This program allows members of the community to serve as mentors for selected students.