School Security


Dear Parents, Families and Community Partners:

On Monday night, I presented leadership’s plan to respond to the recent increase in serious student incidents at our secondary schools.  The plan was well received, generated significant discussion and collaboration, and was ultimately fully supported and approved by our School Board.  I am grateful, as always, for their assistance and trust. 

I am attaching the Powerpoint presentation they saw and received on Monday.  As promised, we acknowledged our present challenges, admitted our mistakes and committed to doing everything in our power to focus our efforts on proactive, preventative strategies to secure our buildings moving forward. 

The presentation highlights present strategies we have currently in place or were already working on and negotiating implementation.  Additional slides identify new security enhancements and commitments we will make as a result of what we have experienced over the last few weeks.  Much of what you will see is currently in place.  Other strategies we have either already begun researching or will immediately initiate upon return from the Thanksgiving break. 

This plan was reviewed yesterday by the full faculties of both HHS and CGWMS and we received overwhelming support and input from them as we move toward additional prevention measures immediately. 

I am working directly with our School Board today and will identify a date for a community Town Hall meeting to receive input from each of you in the next two weeks.  Please watch our social media and website for this opportunity.  We hear you, and we will be accountable to you.  Thank you for your help, love and grace.  As always, we are better together and I look forward to working with you to address the ongoing safety and security of our schools. 

Melody Hackney
Superintendent of Schools

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