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Graduation Information

Hopewell High School Graduation and Security Information
Hopewell High School’s graduation is 9 am on Saturday, June 1, 2024, at Virginia State University’s Multi-Purpose Center.   
We want to make everyone aware of additional security measures at the venue and remind guests to arrive early to clear security before the event begins. VSU will allow guests to begin entering at 8am.
Please be aware of the following:
Check-In: All guests must have a graduation ticket and will be screened upon entry. This includes walk-through metal detectors and wanding/searching as needed.
Bags and Belongings: Only small (i.e. clutch) purses are permitted in the venue, and are subject to search.
Security Personnel: There will be professional security personnel, Virginia State University Police, Chesterfield County Police, and Hopewell City Public School’s Security officers on-site to ensure a safe environment for everyone.
After the ceremony:   Graduates will find their families at the main entrance.  All graduates/guests must be exiting VSU premises within 30 minutes.

**Per VSU policy, the following items are NOT allowed in the Multi-Purpose Center: 
Wrapped gifts
Seat cushions
Camera cases
Diaper bags
Oversized tote bags
Mesh bags
Fanny pack
(Exceptions can be made for medically necessary items after proper inspection at main entry)

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in making this a safe and enjoyable