HCPS Parent Resource Center

HCPS Parent Resource Center


Mission Statement:
The Hopewell City Schools Parent Resource Center promotes a cooperative partnership between parents, educators, and the community to help parents become active participants in the development of their child’s educational program.


What can the PRC do for me?
1. The HCPS PRC will educate parents about the special education
process including laws and regulations.
o Workshops 
o Direct Consultations
o Provide agency and service provider contacts
2. The HCPS PRC will provide direct support to parents, educators, and the community.
o Listening and problem solving
o Promoting a cooperative partnership for student success
o Provide educational materials
3. The HCPS PRC will serve as a source of information for parents, educators and the community.
o PRC Website
o PRC Newsletter
o PRC Annual Family Resource Gala
Woodlawn Learning Center
1100 Dinwiddie Avenue
Hopewell, VA 23860
Phone: 804-541-6414
Days and Hours:  Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM-3:00 PM or by appointment
Linda Ciancio-Brown, PRC Coordinator, lcbrown@hopewell.k12.va.us
Antonia Thompson, PRC Special Educator, agreene@hopewell.k12.va.us

I hope this message finds you and yours healthy and safe. Remember to be kind to each other and to yourselves; everyone handles stress, chaos, and uncertainty differently.  Please email me if you have any questions and I pray this information is helpful during this time.  Linda



PEATC (Parent Educational Advocacy and Training Center)


January 2021 Workshops and Trainings



Early Childhood:


  • Brook's publishing wants you to know  -  You’re rising to the occasion and they’re here to help.
    They’ve compiled some helpful free resources to support you through these uncertain times. From blog posts to webinars, these expert resources will help you connect with students, teach remotely, address social-emotional needs, and continue your own learning while you stay safe at home. This is a GREAT resource.

Autism Spectrum:

For support to thrive at home, school and work during this time.
VIRGINIA 2-1-1 Get Connected, Get Answers


We hope you'll find the information and resources provided useful for your child, regardless of the disability label, on their journey from high school to adult life.


The Parent Education Advocacy Training Center (PEATC)

For more details or direct assistance to a family needing special education information, please call us at 1-800-869-6782 or visit http://www.peatc.org


Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) Meeting 

Next meeting - January 12, 2021 @ 6pm
Due to COVID - 19 the meeting will be held virtually.  For more information and /or to join email seac@hopewell.k12.va.us.
For additional resources please contact Linda Ciancio-Brown/ PRC Coordinator at lcbrown@hopewell.k12.va.us.


VCU ACE-IT in College Program

Inclusive College Experience for students with Intellectual Disabilities

For more information visit: https://aceitincollege.org

Virginia Department of Education: For families and students                                                                 


VA Family Special Education Connection                                                                                                                                    http://vafamilysped.org/family-engagement