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Staff Shout Outs!
Help us overflow our Well of Hope during this unprecedented time.  Send a Shout Out to a staff member that you would like to recognize.  Fill out the form and we will send an email to them and post your shout out below.  
Thank you for helping us support all those who contribute to our awesome learning community!
May Shout Outs
Mr. Harris does an amazing job leading the Student Services Department. He is always willing to support when called upon and puts others first.  Tasha Coleman
I am so fortunate to work with such an amazing 1st grade team at Dupont. You all are rocking this Digital Learning! I'm proud of you all and I miss you all dearly! Aimee Gallant
I would like to shout out Eboni Allen for keeping kids' social-emotional needs in mind at all times. She organizes live meetings and resources for many student organizations/clubs to make sure students are maintaining a sense of social inclusion during the current shutdown.  JMack
I would like to shout out Henrie Eya for being a fearless leader to the World Language team and a great listening ear whenever we feel troubled or confused. She always knows how to make you laugh which is a much-needed thing in these times!  JMack
So MUCH thanks to the HHS admin team for helping us through this period of time! Miss you all!  Pam Foreman
Ms. Mary Sims at HHS has stepped up to support teachers and her Compliance Officer with various initiatives. Her colleagues and the Office of Special Education want to thank her for her hard work and generosity in supporting our teachers! WE LOVE YOU MS. SIMS!!! ~Student Services Department
Ms. Short, you always go the extra mile for our students and staff. You are a Strong, Courageous, and Compassionate Leader. HHS is truly blessed to have you. Thanks for your sacrifice! Cynthia Young