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Student Registration Information

Student Registration Information
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Parents and Guardians,
We are excited that your child will be joining the Hopewell City Public Schools this coming 2020-2021 school year! We want to make you aware of the registration process, including how to access the registration documents, how to submit the documents, and how to reach someone if you have any questions.
Accessing the Registration Documents
Please use the link below to access the registration documents. You may print these forms, you may contact your child's school to schedule a time to pick up a registration packet, or you may call the school to request a packet to be mailed to you.
Submitting the Registration Documents
Once the forms have been completed, including all supplemental documents, please contact your school to make an appointment to meet with the office staff to submit your paperwork. Please refer to the Registration Enrollment Checklist to ensure you have all necessary documents and information.
If You Have Questions
Please use the link below of school contacts to locate the phone number and email for your child’s school. School offices are open Monday-Thursday each week, from 8:00am-4:30pm.
You will note in the checklist, and then the forms that follow, that there are some documents that need to be provided in addition to the forms themselves. With these documents, you have several choices, including:
● You can take a clear picture of the document and email it to us at
● You can fax the document to the school.
● You can make a copy of the document and mail it to the school (please do not send us any
document originals that you will need).
● You can schedule an appointment to provide the document and have us make a copy, if you
need to hold on to the original.
Please email the school principal with any questions you have as you work to register your child.
Please be safe and well so that we can welcome your child to school soon for the new school year!
We are glad you are joining the Hopewell City Public Schools family!