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Sick Leave Bank FAQ's

1) Q How may I become a member of the Sick Leave Bank?
A The Sick Leave Bank is open to any regular full-time employee. You must donate two (2) non- refundable days from your personal accumulated sick leave to the Sick Leave Bank. An employee may enroll in July or January of each school year and notice of these two open enrollment deadlines is sent to all division employees. Eligible employees may make application to join by submitting a completed Sick Leave Bank Application to the Personnel Department by the deadlines.
2) Q I am going to be out on sick leave for an extended time and do not have enough leave. How do I get time from the Sick Leave Bank?
A The employee must make application for the benefit by submitting a Sick Leave Bank Loan Request form to the Personnel Department. The benefit is not automatic.

An employee must be enrolled in the plan for six months prior to becoming eligible to utilize the benefits of the sick leave bank. The membership approval date shall be used to determine dates for eligibility.

The sick leave bank entitlement may be used by an enrolled employee for a major or protracted illness, the duration of which requires the employee to utilize all of his/her accumulated sick leave. Entitlement is for the enrolled employee only; family illnesses are excluded from coverage.

The first 30 consecutive working days of illness or disability must be covered by the employee's own accumulated sick leave or by leave without pay.

A member of the bank shall not be permitted to use his or her sick leave bank benefits until all his or her own sick leave is depleted.

A Sick Leave Bank Doctor's Certificate is required before a sick leave bank member can use his or her sick leave bank entitlement. The Sick Leave Advisory Board reserves the right to require a second medical opinion. This certificate is to be submitted to the Personnel Officer and must include the employee's name, address and social security number. The doctor must indicate:
  • the nature of the illness or disability;
  • the fact that the employee is totally unable to perform any work because of such illness or disability, and
  • the date the employee will be able to return to work. A member can request additional days by submitting a revised medical certificate until the maximum number of days is utilized.

3) Q What is the maximum number of days I can borrow from the Sick Leave Bank during a school year?
A A maximum of 45 working days from the bank may be utilized each school year by any one member. Participating members must return to work and must meet all of the application requirements previously listed before again becoming eligible to utilize sick leave bank benefits. After returning to work, if the member suffers a relapse within 30 calendar days due to the same illness or disability, which necessitated initial utilization of the bank, the member need not meet another 30-work-day uncovered period.
4) Q Who approves sick leave requests from the Sick Leave Bank?
A The Bank is administered by the eight members of the Sick Leave Bank Advisory Board which includes 6 teacher representatives, the Director of Personnel and the Assistant Superintendent for Administration. The Sick Leave Bank Advisory Board meets twice annually to approve new members and any time request to use days from the Sick Leave Bank is submitted.
5) Q How are days used from the Sick Leave Bank repaid by the employee?
A At the beginning of each year following receipt of the loan, the loan recipient shall donate a minimum of three (3) days to the Sick Leave Bank, until the loan has been repaid in full. Upon termination of employment, any balance due to the sick leave bank shall be repaid to the sick leave bank from the individual's balance of unused sick leave days.
6) Q What if the Sick Leave Bank runs out of sick leave to donate?
A To date, the Bank has never assessed its members for more than the initial two-day deposit. The members of a bank shall be assessed an additional day (or days) of sick leave when the bank is reduced to 90 days. Notification of such assessment would be sent to each member, at the time it is determined to be necessary, and the assessment would be made unless the participant chooses to cease membership in the bank. A member not wishing the assessment may terminate membership in the bank by notifying the personnel office, in writing, within 30 calendar days from the date of the notice. A member who has no sick leave to contribute at the time of assessment shall be assessed this day from the first sick leave subsequently accumulated.

7) Q Other important Sick Leave Bank information:
A Upon termination of employment or withdrawal of membership in the bank, a participating employee shall not be permitted to withdraw his or her contributed day(s).
No employee on Workmen's Compensation shall be permitted to draw from the bank.
The Sick Leave Bank cannot be used by non-twelve month employees for absences during summer sessions.