The $10 Challenge

What would you do to help your community with $10? This was the question Coach Halas' 11th grade English class was challenged with. The students created plans of action that included leveraging the money by buying and reselling candy and treats, engaging their peers and presenting the process and final donations to a room full of family, friends and community members.
The HHS juniors had the distinct honor of also presenting to a special panel which included Dr. Melody Hackney (HCPS Superintendent of Schools, Patience Bennett (Vice-Mayor of Hopewell, Councilor-Ward 7), Deborah Randolph (City Councilor-Ward 1), Johnny Partin (City Councilor-Ward 3) and Hopewell City Manager, March Altman.
Donations were made to Hopewell Food Pantry (Ta'Kwan Ruffin), Hopewell Animal Shelter (Josh Arrington & Dwayne White), Hopewell's Homeless (Anthony Hale & Brandon Steele), Trash Pickup Event (Zachary Mountjoy), Ms. Harvey's Dupont Classroom (Armon Wright) and The James House (Jacen Fowlkes). Way to show #hopewellmagic within our schools and the community.
Check out more pictures on our facebook page including presentations to the community recipients.