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Hopewell Schools Prepare for Rare Solar Eclipse Experience

As you may have recently heard, there will be a partial solar eclipse for our area on Monday, April 8th (the day we return from spring break). This is a rare and exciting phenomenon. It actually happened only seven years ago but the next one will not be for at least a couple of decades.

The eclipse will get to about 80% or so coverage of the sun at its peak, around 3:20pm. The partial eclipse will start around 2pm and end around 4:30pm, but it will probably only be noticeable around 2:15-4:15. Please view the picture to see the timeline of the eclipse.

We are preparing for the event by distributing solar glasses to all schools for students and staff. Each building will determine what is possible timing for safe viewing, and then the solar glasses will come home with students if there is still time to view it then and to be able to keep the glasses as a memory from this rare phenomenon! As was the case during the last eclipse seven years ago, we anticipate this to be a great learning experience with safety precautions in place.

We do also ask you to remind your children to not look at the sun during the eclipse without using the special solar glasses (just as you should not look directly at the sun on any other day).


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