Healthy Youth Day

Y Street is the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth’s (VFHY) award winning teen volunteer initiative that advocates for a healthier Virginia by doing various campaigns and events. On January 23, I,  along with another Y Street Leadership Team Member, Bianca Bonilla, had the opportunity to represent Hopewell High School among very important key decision makers. We had the opportunity to spend two days in Richmond near the capitol in preparation to speak to our legislators. After a long training day, we started bright and early advocating at a Y Street breakfast that we hosted. Many of the representatives present were senators and delegates, aids, and members from the VFHY.  Many members of Y Street also got the opportunity to meet the first lady of Virginia, Pamela Northam, unfortunately I was not one of them. During the breakfast, Bianca and I went to the Pocahontas building where all of the representatives were, and we held three important meetings with legislators. We had the opportunity to meet Senator Joe Morrissey, Delegate Carrie Coyner, and Delegate Sally Hudson. In each meeting, we spoke about the various activities going on at Hopewell High School, the campaigns Y Street is involved in, and the way Y Street has impacted us personally as well as in our school. Each representative was impressed by how young and passionate we were about advocating for our youth. These important individuals made us aware that we had their overwhelming support behind our goal and mission, and it was truly amazing. We also got the chance to sit in the Senate and House of Delegates’ Gallery where we were recognized by the president in each chamber. Joe Morrissey even sent each of us a letter as well as an email to Dr. Poe where he expressed his opinion about our campaigns, as well as how impressed he was with our presentation. Knowing that I was chosen and given this opportunity out of the 6000+ members across Virginia is very rewarding. Hopewell had the opportunity to shine and sprinkle our Hopewell Magic among the City of Richmond.