We Made It!

Dear Parents, 
We are incredibly grateful to you for your patience and understanding as we've navigated this first day of the new school year with virtual learning.  We are thankful that our network has been able to handle the volume of students and teachers logging in for classes.  We know there have been some students who had more obstacles than others to be able to log in.  We are working through every single one of these issues as they arise and more students have been able to connect by the minute through the morning  Thank you for your grace as we take time with each person who calls in to us with any connection issues so that we can work together with you to figure out the individual connection issue and get it working right.   Please know we also will take into account any connectivity issues as we record attendance.  
There is a life lesson on this first day - one about persistence and patience and grace.  We are tirelessly dedicated to making virtual instruction work for every one of our students and families, and appreciate you partnering with us in a showing of the power of this community to achieve this together.   
As we look towards tomorrow, we should be narrowing the connection issues significantly from the start of today and hope you will find it working as planned at the 8:30am start.  If you have any concerns or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.