Hopewell Moves to Phone-Free School Zone for Secondary Students

As we approach the new school year in about a month, we want our families to know we are taking an important step to enhance student learning, culture, and safety at school - phones are not to be out or used while at school. This decision received unanimous approval at our May School Board meeting.  
While we have attempted to accommodate student phones over the years and limit their use, we are finding that they are causing much more harm than help during the school day.  Therefore, starting at the beginning of this school year, CGW and HHS will be implementing a pouch system from a company called Yondr for any phones brought to school.  Students will need to put their phone in a locking pouch (provided by the school) as they enter the building and they will be able to unlock their phones as they leave, so that they will still have their phone available to them for safety or convenience outside of the school day.  
More details on the phone-free zone and the logistics of the locking pouches at CGW and HHS will be provided soon by those schools.  

We ask for your help in partnering with us as we continue to strive to help students reconnect with one another and with learning.  

To view more information on why we are taking this step, please take a moment to view this brief video.