HCPS School Board Office Christmas Tree Details

HOPEWELL HIGH SCHOOL ornaments exemplify the Quilling mastery of the Art 2 level with Ms. Stables. Students made snowmen and poinsettia flowers using paper curled into shapes the glued on clear acrylic backing for support. This year’s ornaments from HARRY E. JAMES ELEMENTARY and Ms. Cullum were made by first grade students. The students painted glaze on the ceramic tiles of various shapes. After the tiles were baked in the kiln, the students used wire and beads to create a precious and original ornament of their own design. Students explored painting in unusual ways with Ms. Holdsworth at DUPONT ELEMENTARY. They loved learning how to paint without using a paintbrush. The colors of these ornaments represent Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, and Hopi Soyal. The rest of the color combinations were chosen by the students. These ornaments were made by painting wooden beads and stringing the together with wire. A class of sixth graders at CARTER G. WOODSON  learned with Ms. Prousalis how to roll slabs of clay and chose from a variety of holiday stencils to create these ornaments. The clay is air-dried and painted with acrylic paint. Students used texture plates to press onto the surface of their ornaments before painting. Many of these students had never worked with clay before, so this low-stress method of making the ornaments was interesting and exciting for them. Additionally, students made extras for themselves to take home, and are now feeling more confident for their next, more in-depth clay project! Ms. Muller at PATRICK COPELAND ELEMENTARY helped her 3rd graders create salt dough ornaments from flour, salt and water. They rolled out the dough and used holiday themed cookie cutters to make their ornaments, then painted and sealed them. Thank you to all the Art teachers who helped provide these beautiful ornaments for us.