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This Wednesday! Girls and Boys Basketball teams will compete in the Region 3A Semi-Final tournament at HHS. Girls compete at 6pm and the boys at 7:45pm. Winner will advance to the State Championship.

Two Elementary Students are Named Better Future Fund Winners

Two fifth grade students in Hopewell City Public Schools were named Better Future Fund Award winners in April, for their essay answers to the question, how will you better your community by attending a college, university, or training program. 

Matthew Misegades, a fifth grade student at Patrick Copeland Elementary, was named a first place winner and was surprised on April 18, when it was broadcasted over the morning announcements. Misegades received a $1,000 College Savings plan from Virginia529, a family pack of tickets to the Nascar Race at Richmond International Raceway on April 30, on stage recognition at the race, and his classmates received coupons from Papa John’s Pizza. Due to his first place winnings Patrick Copeland also received $529 to be used toward the fifth grade graduation ceremony and a pizza pack from Papa John’s for the ceremony. 

Makayla Burroughs, a fifth grade student at Harry E. James Elementary, was announced as a Better Future Fund winner on April 17 during a special fifth grade assembly in the cafeteria. Burroughs was awarded a $529 College Savings Plan from Virginia529, a family pack of tickets to the Nascar Race at RIR on April 29, and her classmates received coupons from Papa John’s Pizza. Harry E. James Elementary also received $250, which will be used toward the fifth grade graduation ceremony and a pizza pack for the ceremony. 

Below are copies of their essay: 

My name is Matthew Misegades and I am in the 5th grade in Hopewell, Virginia. I want to discuss why I need college and how it will impact my city. There are many reasons for going to college including getting hired quicker and also making more money with a degree. Going to college will help me to go into a particular career path. I currently LOVE school and our school  has been able to bring in some high-school kids to spend time reading and helping with our lessons. I really ENJOY that they take the time to make learning fun and exciting for the kids. I think I would like to do this when I get older. I want to be able to come back and impress kids with how school can be more fun. I would like to see different careers sending people to the schools to show the kids what they would be doing if they chose something like being a lawyer or a dentist. This would definitely help kids start planning to set goals if they are interested if a certain job.
  For myself -----I am currently a 2nd Degree Black Belt here in Hopewell.  My plans include opening my own after-school and summer program for the kids in my city. I am currently an assistant instructor at my Martial Arts School. I have passed on what I have learned to other kids to make them more confident in themselves.  I see the importance of these programs to keep kids busy and active during the summer.   I have really enjoyed this and I feel I have been successful in learning the skills needed to teach. I want to include all kids----even the ones that cannot afford my program. I will look for sponsors to assist with getting the local kids in. I am looking forward to college to learn the business management side of training. I know there are rules and regulations for owning my own business---also getting the plan started and funded. College classes will give me the instructions on how to maximize my potential for running my own company. I am excited  to get my city involved in helping our future. - Matthew Misegades, Patrick Copeland, 5th Grade


Some ways I want to help my community or other communities are by hosting an event that will help feed the homeless.  The event will make sure that everyone gets fed and that have something to drink to stay active.  Another way I would like to help my community is by tutoring.  In college, I would like to study history and I plan to help kids or adults in history, if they are having trouble.  I really love helping the community.  So another way I am going to help is by hosting an event that will pick up trash around the area.  The event will make sure that there is no trash on land or in the water.  This event will help birds, fish, and many more animals.  There are many ways I help the community and I plan to do as much as I can to help the community grow and get bigger and better. - Makayla Burroughs, Harry E. James Elementary, 5th Grade