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Weekly Testing Program

Hopewell City Public Schools, in partnership with the Virginia Department of Health and MAKO Medical Laboratories, is offering a weekly COVID testing program.  There are two parts to this program - weekly screening testing and drive-thru diagnostic testing. 



Whether or not a student is signed up for the weekly screening testing, a parent can take their child to one of the weekly drive-thru testing opportunities.  The drive-thru testing is intended for students who have symptoms or who have been exposed to someone with COVID. 

To participate in drive-thru testing, a student needs to have had the registration completed for the school the child attends.  The registration link is located below and only needs to be completed once.


All drive-thru testing is now at Hopewell High School and will take place weekly following days and times.


COVID screening testing is offered on Mondays at Patrick Copeland Elementary and Hopewell High School, Tuesdays at Dupont and Harry E. James Elementary, and Thursdays at Woodlawn Learning Center, and Carter G. Woodson Middle School.


Having a child participate in this is OPTIONAL screening testing can provide a parent with peace of mind that their child continues to be negative for COVID and also helps our overall mitigation efforts by helping pick up on asymptomatic cases early on.


The testing is usually very quick (five minutes or less altogether with only about 10 seconds for the swab) and is not painful.  The student continues on with activities as usual after the test.  Parents then receive the result in an email usually the next day. 


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Weekly COVID-19 Screening Test at School: Registration Process


Attention:  To Participate In Weekly COVID-19 Screening Testing For Your Child, You Must Complete Registration 


MAKO Registration Link: Register Each Dependent Child :


Complete & Submit  the Registration in the Applicable Link Below where your child attends school:


Carter G. Woodson


Harry E. James

Hopewell High School

New Hope Academy

Patrick Copeland

Woodlawn Learning Center