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Vision and Mission

Hopewell City Public Schools, Imagineers of Excellence, in partnership with the community, will inspire students to achieve personal success and purpose, igniting in them a passion to change our world!
  1. The health and wealth of the city depend upon its investment in public education.

  2. All people deserve to be treated with love and respect.

  3. A culture of high expectations drives everyone to achieve excellence.

  4. An early childhood education foundation is key for student success.

  5. Our collective duty as a community is to cultivate equitable learning environments.

  6. Rigorous learning must be accompanied by fun.

  7. Schools should celebrate diversity where all students are encouraged to discover their uniqueness and purpose.

  8. Quality, passionate and caring educators are paramount to student learning.

  9. Education is the shared responsibility of home, school, and community.

  10. Innovation and change are critical to achieving organizational excellence.

  11. Quality public education in Hopewell is essential to cultivating contributing citizens.
  1. Each child will be school-ready with a foundation to achieve excellence.

  2. Each student will graduate high school with the foundation to be a competitive, productive citizen of the world.

  3. Each student will discover excellence through his/her unique passion and purpose in a culture of high expectations.

  4. Each student will benefit from quality community support.

  5. Each student will develop genuine relationships with community partners.