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Algebra Readiness

Algebra Readiness Assessment (ARDT)

The Algebra Readiness Initiative (ARI) provides mathematics intervention resources and services to students in grades six through nine who are at risk of failing the Algebra I end-of-course test, as demonstrated by their individual performance on any diagnostic test that has been approved by the Department of Education.  The ARI consists of two major components:

  • a diagnostic assessment designed to guide instructional decisions for students that may need intervention services and
  • targeted intervention services for students.

The school division determines which students should be targeted for diagnostic testing and then subsequently for intervention services.  The identified group may include:

  • students in grades 6-9 at risk of failing the Algebra I end-of-course test;
  • students not successful in previous intervention programs;
  • students who performed below average in their previous year's mathematics program;
  • students identified by teachers through formal and informal assessment; and/or
  • students who did not pass their previous mathematics standards of learning assessment.