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Superintendent's Message

Greetings Families and Friends of HCPS! 
Welcome to our district website.  We appreciate your interest in our special school system and hope you find all of our communication platforms helpful and informative. I invite you to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well!
My name is Melody Hackney, and I am the proud Superintendent of Schools.  I have just completed my sixth year in this position, and I love this job as much today as I did when I was first appointed.  Every day...every single day...we find #hopewellmagic and JOY in our work.  
While the last two school years have been some of the most challenging we have ever experienced, we have so much love and gratitude to our partners for supporting us as we continue to grow our next generation of Hopewell citizens and leaders.  COVID-19 has been hard!  But we have stayed strong, flexible, creative, and determined through it all.  Our staff will always have my greatest respect.  Never once during this time, have we wavered in our dedication and commitment to pushing through the fear, the risk, and the unknown to stay connected to our students.  I remain in awe of the amazing teachers and staff who show up every day to be there for our children.  Our hearts are aligned and in the right place...taking care of Hopewell's most precious resource...it's children.  
In spite of COVID, this is an exciting year for our school district!  We started the balanced calendar in July and will begin the first of some of the most amazing Intersession experiences for our children in just a few short weeks.  We continue our Deeper Learning and Equity journey and now have CREW learning labs in each of our schools to model best practices in this important transformation.  "The 'Well" will open this fall as a Hopewell center for youth during after-school and weekend hours.  We are building out our first virtual school option for our students and families until they are comfortable returning back to in-person learning.  We have a school-based health clinic being built within HHS for students and community members to access.  And finally, our resolve has never been stronger to gauge our success from the lenses of our most important stakeholders... our students.  THEIR experience and perspective will guide our efforts and improvements.  We will love them, listen to them, see them, hear them and make the appropriate adjustments to ensure they get what they need every moment of every day we are given the privilege to serve.      
We thank you for your trust, confidence, and partnership.  We will always be #bettertogether.  Let's do this!  
Melody Hackney, Ed.D.