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Superintendent's Message

Hello, and welcome to our website!

My name is Melody Hackney, and I am beginning my fourth year as the Hopewell City Public Schools Superintendent.  What an amazing journey these past three years have been! I remain humbled and honored to serve in this capacity, and am incredibly proud of our work to date.  

Three years ago when I was blessed to be named your superintendent, my staff and I made a promise to develop a laser focus on instructional improvement with one goal in mind…getting our schools accredited.  We knew we had other important objectives, but we also acknowledged that our credibility and our ability to compete locally, regionally, state-wide and nationally was solely based upon our state’s system of accountability-the SOL tests.  Well, we embraced this work, made it our mission…and here we are, celebrating together that ALL HCPS SCHOOLS ARE ACCREDITED THIS YEAR!  I am beyond words with gratitude and respect for each and every staff member who contributed to this district accomplishment.  And we ALL contributed to this…as I’ve said many times before, regardless of our title or pay grade, we are all called as “educators,” and we all are blessed to have the opportunity each and every day to TEACH our children.  As such, we ALL get the credit…Thank you, teachers, parents, administrators, assistants, food service staff, custodial staff, secretaries and support staff, maintenance, transportation staff, nurses, coaches, psychologists, attendance officers, school board members, volunteers, counselors, central office staff…EVERY HCPS employee played a part in this tremendous achievement for HCPS!  I salute your efforts and congratulate you on a job well done!

Now, as I’ve also said before, we are an organization that is dedicated to continuous improvement.  This means that we will always strive to get better and better. We know we have work to do, and we are not afraid of the change and hard work it will take to get us there.  I have seen so much progress and growth in our instructional design, specifically project-based learning, and our kids are more engaged than ever. We have committed to ensuring that all lessons are FUN, meaningful, relevant and MAGICAL!  Our staffs at all levels are making #HOPEWELLMAGIC every single day in our classrooms and work environments. This is our goal…taken from the customer service work of the Walt Disney Corporation, in every interaction, we create magical experiences for children of all ages.  We find joy in this work, and consider it a calling.  We are grateful to our parents and community partners for the privilege of growing Hopewell’s next generation and most precious resource.  Thank you for your confidence and trust.

Dr. Melody Hackney