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Bus Routes

HCPS 2023-2024 Bus Routes. Please download this year's bus routes. 

Pursuant to SB 943 and HB 1554, passed by the 2023 Session of the General Assembly, the Code of Virginia has been amended by adding section §, relating to special education transition in public high schools. This amendment requires each public high school in the Commonwealth to publicly identify  the faculty member (Mr. Anthony Anderson) responsible for special education transition planning and coordination at such high school. 

To contact Mr. Anderson, he can be reached via email [email protected] 

Parent Portal Lite App
You can now track your child's bus in real-time! Download the Edulog Parent Portal app to begin by scanning the QR code below with your smartphone camera. You can also manually search for the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play. 
District Code: 32048663. 
the image is a screenshot of a QR code to download the Eudlog Parent Portal Lite app
Below, please find sources for troubleshooting the app. You can also view an informational YouTube video here.