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Links Mentoring ProgramHopewell City Public Schools has created the Links Mentoring Program to provide students with the guidance and support that can make all the difference in their world.  Everyone needs some help once in a while; everyone needs a friend.  This program aims to provide the strong supportive links that students need to stay connected.  Our intention is that every student that wants a mentor will get one.  Students will have a one-on-one mentor that will be paired with them, typically being an employee from the student's school, with selections occurring based on matches of personality, interests, and needs.  A mentor's focus is on participating in fun activities and having great conversations that build a personal and trusting relationship and result in the four following goals...


To measure the success of the program, we’d like the student to be able to say the following three things:

  1. I have a positive relationship with my mentor, and I can go to that person as needed.
  2. I feel more comfortable with school than I did before participating in the program.
  3. I feel valued/seen/heard by my mentor.

We’d like for the parent/guardian to be able to say:

  1. I believe the mentor is someone I can comfortably go to in the future with questions or needs.
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