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Blue Devil Express

The Blue Devil Express is back!! July 3rd-July 14th (no service on July 4th), the food bus can be found delivering meals to our students around the city at the following sites:
  1. City Point Park 1199 Pecan Ave.  Monday - Friday 11:00a.m. – 11:15a.m

  2. Hopewell Community Center 100 City Point Rd.  Monday-Friday 11:40a.m-11:35a.m

  3. Davisville Housing Authority 913 Terminal St. Monday – Friday 11:20a.m. – 11:35a.m. 

  4. Thomas Rolfe Court Housing Authority 350 E. Poythress St.  Monday – Friday 11:40a.m. – 11:55a.m. 

  5. Piper Square Housing Authority 1529 Piper Square Dr.  Monday – Friday 12:20p.m. – 12:35p.m.