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Innovative Opportunities for Specialized Learning

Hopewell City Public schools participates in many innovative opportunities for specialized learning for our students.  These opportunities represent an exciting expansion of curricular options for all students across the city. Recognizing that no educational program should adopt a “one size fits all” philosophy, the division developed these programs to provide additional academic choices for our students.  Some of those opportunities are listed below.


Tyler Early College Academy


In partnership with John Tyler Community College, Hopewell offers the Tyler Early College Academy.  The Tyler Early College Academy is a rigorous four year academic program that allows students to pursue coursework leading to an associate’s degree or certificate at the same time as completing their high school graduation requirements.  Interested 8th grade students and their parents are invited to attend an interest meeting each year to learn more about this program.


Governor Schools


Hopewell City Public Schools students have the opportunity to attend either Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School or Appomattox Regional Governor’s School. 


The Maggie L. Walker’s Governor’s School for Government and International Studies is an innovative public high school offering a comprehensive college preparatory program emphasizing government, international studies, science, mathematics, languages, and fine arts.  The school serves students selected on the basis of aptitude and interest in its mission.


The Appomattox Regional Governor’s School for the Arts and Technology provides students a differentiated and rigorous education, cultivates a supportive environment that inspires unique artistic and technological visions, promotes cultural tolerance, nurtures community partnerships, and produces active, engaged citizens.


Interested 8th grade students and their parents can learn more about the governor schools by contacting the Middle School Guidance Department.