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In Hopewell, the core science curriculum in grades K-6 includes content strands as identified in the Virginia Standards of Learning.  These strands are also represented indirectly in middle and high school courses.  The strands are:


  • Scientific and Engineering Practices
  • Force, Motion, and Energy
  • Matter
  • Living Systems and Processes
  • Earth and Space Systems
  • Earth Resources

Students develop scientific skills and processes as they pose questions and predict outcomes, plan and conduct investigations, collect and analyze data, construct explanations, and communicate information about the natural world. 


Throughout all science instruction the commitment remains to incorporate the 5 C’s for future-ready graduates: citizenship, creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. The deeper-learning facets of these C’s often make their way into projects that allow science to naturally flow into real-life, authentic learning activities. Community partnerships with organizations such as the James River Association and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation present wonderful opportunities for students to experience hands-on science. 

CLICK HERE for links to the Virginia Department of Education Standards of Learning and Curriculum Frameworks.