Instruction » Mathematics


Hopewell City Schools supports the mathematical goals for students as itemized by the Virginia Department of Education:

  • Becoming mathematical problem solvers,
  • Communicating mathematically,
  • Reasoning mathematically,
  • Making mathematical connections, and
  • Using mathematical representations to model and interpret practical situations.


At the elementary level, students are organized for small-group math instruction within the classroom.  Foundational instruction flows through the CRA model… from concrete, to representational, to abstract.  The Algebra Readiness program is an instrumental part of math instruction at the middle school level.  Math coaches are in place at each school to model teaching strategies, help organize students for instruction, and plan enrichment and extra assistance opportunities.


Math instruction in kindergarten through high school is designed to meet students where they are and take them forward to their ultimate level of progress.  Programs are in place for those who experience struggles with math… after-school tutoring by teachers, individualized software, community-partnership tutoring models, and targeted interventions.


Accelerated opportunities include the opportunity to work above grade level on math content.  Middle school students can progress through Algebra I and Algebra 2 before leaving grade eight. Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses are available at the high school level.   


Throughout all math instruction the commitment remains to incorporate the 5 C’s for future-ready graduates: citizenship, creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. The deeper-learning facets of these C’s often make their way into projects that allow mathematics to naturally flow into real-life, authentic learning activities. 

CLICK HERE for links to the Virginia Department of Education Standards of Learning and Curriculum Frameworks.