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World Language

In Hopewell, the foreign language curricula for Spanish and French include content strands as identified in the Virginia Standards of Learning.  These strands include:

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Interpretive Communication: Listening and Reading for Understanding
  • Presentational Communication: Speaking and Writing
  • Cultural Perspectives, Practices, and Products
  • Making Connections through Language
  • Linguistic and Cultural Comparisons
  • Interacting in School and Global Communities
World language instruction begins in Hopewell City Public Schools in the sixth grade when students may take a nine week long exploratory classes in either Spanish or French.  The first level of either language may be completed in two parts (part one in grade 7 and part two in grade 8).  Students who select this option in middle school resume their foreign language study in grade 9 with either Spanish II or French II. 

Students may elect to begin their foreign language study at the beginning of grade 9.  Courses at the high school include an introduction course, levels I, II, III, IV, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment.   Classes must be taken sequentially.  Guidance counselors assist students in selecting the best courses based on student goals.

The goal for Hopewell students studying a foreign language is that they will achieve linguistic proficiency and cultural understanding.

  1. Students will effectively communicate with others in a language other than English.
  2. Students will develop an understanding of other cultures’ contributions to the world and develop an awareness of and an appreciation for another people’s unique way of life.
  3. Students will use authentic resources to develop a richer knowledge base.
  4. Students will respond to and contribute to Hopewell and beyond in a more informed and effective manner as a result of the global perspective gained in a world language class.
CLICK HERE for links to the Virginia Department of Education Standards of Learning and Curriculum Frameworks.